February goals 2019

It’s February, Time to Get on Track

Its been too long since I’ve been here, and I’ve missed you, but as the saying goes, February is the new January. 

January comes so quickly after the holidays and suddenly, we are supposed to have life figured out! Goals written, a plan of attack, and our year mapped out all after the holidays. Well, I’m here to be real with you, it didn’t happen over here. Yes, I set my goals for January, but I always set a monthly goal, every single month I do one goal for my business and one for my personal life, but I didn’t have my yearly goals all planned out and written down in a book ready to publish for the world.

Friends, I work on these goals every single day, I chip away at them, I plan, and then I replan. Life has a way of sometimes getting in the way of the goals we have planned for ourselves, but I have learned to have the grace to be more gentle, do you agree? Yes, I have a vision for how I want my year to look, but I also have a vision about how I want this year to FEEL. Have you thought about that? Do you have a vision of how you want to feel this year? More rested and energized? Maybe less frazzled and calmer? Perhaps you’re like me and want to make more space for family time this year. Maybe it’s the year of connection and feeling a more positive connection with those around you. What I have found is that when you set a tone for the year or create that vision for how you want your year to feel, you can chip away at that each and every month.

My words for 2019 are positive connection and growth. So maybe its more of a phrase, but that is my overarching theme. In order to meet this overarching theme, I try to reflect on it each month and plan my month according to the overall theme of positive connection and growth. 
How can I create a more positive connection in my work, home, friendships, marriage, fitness, and conversations? I keep my theme at my desk and reflect on it as I start each day, week and month. 

What about you? Where are you right now this year? Are you ready to commit? I think we all need to find the right time to be ready to commit to a new year, a new vision, a new overarching theme. This takes time, we need to reflect on what happened last year, what worked and what didn’t. Where were you last year? What was your overall theme last year? How do you want to pivot into this new year? Maybe, you want to do somethings differently, and maybe, you want to do some things the same too! The big question is, are you ready to evolve? Are you ready to face a fear, ready to let some new light into your life? 

This is an exciting season, I think February is a real month of reflection, maybe that’s why it has been slated the self-care month! Start today with a vision of the rest of your week or maybe the rest of February. How do you want it to feel? Have you thought about a theme for the year? If you haven’t, take time to think about how do you want to FEEL this year. Then see if goals come to life a little more when you think about the feeling associated with them. 

I am looking forward to hosting a Vision Boarding workshop in Boulder next month. If you are local I would love to share the time with you, it’s going to be an evening to remember. More information to come. I would love to hear your theme for the week, month or year. Share with me! Nothing makes me happier than when I hear from you. 

Until next time, wishing you a week of happiness, reflection and visions alive! 

xx Kristine