One of my favorite activities during the weekends is searching for new fun finds to share with you! Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite summer finds that made my weekend complete. I hope you enjoy!

Pajama-rama with an Extra Cup of Matcha Tea

gap pj's and coffee cupI love wearing comfortable PJ’s over the weekend to lounge in, while sipping and enjoying that extra cup of Matcha Green Tea. The PJ’s in this photo are from GAP, and they are the best, and even better, on sale! The material is extremely light and comfortable. Plus, the combination of blue and white is perfect (one of my favorites).

I use this “I Love You California” mug from Malibu Farms all the time. It’s a reminder of my forever love for the sunny state! 😉


The Almond to My Latte

iced almond milk latte groundworkIf you live in, or ever visit Los Angels, then you must stop by Groundworks, located on Montana Avenue. It’s my favorite coffee spot for an Iced Almond Latte. Groundworks has their own coffee line, they use organic almond milk, and the best Avocado Toast (think just a dash of truffle oil). It’s a fun spot to meet a friend, catch up on emails, stop in after YogaHop, or just sit and people watch on Montana Avenue. I am a people watcher, so watch out ;).


Square Towels Are Too Square

summer towel blanket circleCircle is the new square and I absolutely love my new towel from SaltwaterLA. These towels are perfect for weekends at the beach, a pool party, or a spontaneus picnic in the front yard!

Another reason why I am a fan of SaltwaterLA is because it was recently founded by a mother (fellow entrepreneur) and her three daughters. Based in Malibu, California, SaltwaterLA is a growing community of like-minded beach lovers around the world. They are the makers of luxurious beach towels, designed to bring bliss to your beach adventures.

Make It Shimmer

body shimmer oil beautycounterDon’t go outside without some shimmer! Lustro Shimmer Oil from Beautycounter gives my body a bronzed effect with just a hint of fairy dust, very natural, evens out skin tone and makes you feel extra sexy for those Summer nights. This oil is a dry-oil, so it it won’t feel greasy at all. Made with nourishing jojoba, grape-seed, and sesame oils, the shimmer oil absorbs right into your skin, giving it a sun-kissed glow while adding hydration.

If you don’t live in a place where there’s heat and sun all year round, then this Lustro Oil will become your best friend!

Thanks for stopping by friends I hope these tips are helpful. Stay tune for more later this week! Oh and if you really like what you are seeing….please pass this along to your healthy besties. My motto, don’t keep something you love to yourself!

Until the next post..cheers to health and summer shimmer.

XX Kristine

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