Remember back in science class when we learned about chlorophyll—how it collects light from the sun to give plants their energy and their green color? That’s why you see it in kale, spinach, arugula, and a bit in apples, kiwi and pears.  Chlorophyll has now become a trend. You’ll see it being added to water and juices, and made into pills due to its many benefits including weight loss, preventing cancer, detoxifying, healing wounds, alkalizing the body, and deodorizing.

Weight Loss

A recent study done by the University of Lund revealed that after adding chlorophyll to people’s diets, it helped them lose significant weight. Over 12 weeks, the results showed that cravings for junk food decreased, it lowered cholesterol levels, and increased the secretion CCK, a hormone that helps metabolize fat and protein in your diet.

Prevent Cancer

Studies have shown that chlorophyll can help fight the effects of colon cancer. It protects the colon against a variety of carcinogens found in the air, meat and grains as they pass through your bowels.


Drinking chlorophyll helps increase blood flow and oxygen in the blood, which in turn rids the body of harmful toxins quicker. It also attaches to and flushes out heavy metals such as mercury from your body. Bad germs? Chlorophyll destroys those too, and helps prevent the growth of new ones.

Heal Wounds

Chlorophyll reduces inflammation in wounds, and helps speed up the production of white blood cells. This increases the body’s ability to fight infections. Just like it kills germs inside the body, it also also kills germs outside of the body.

Alkalizes the Body

Chlorophyll helps balance the acid and alkali levels in your body. The small amounts of magnesium found in chlorophyll are highly alkaline, which is how it can keep your pH levels balanced at 7 (0 being the lowest, 14 being highly alkaline). In order for our bodies to not become acidic, we need to ingest alkaline foods to balance it out (especially if you consume any type of junk food).


Chlorophyll is known to be an effective deodorizer, which is great if you might have bad breath—makes a great natural mouthwash! It helps decrease the amount of gas in the stomach and colon, which tends to cause stinky breath. As such, drink chlorophyll for a fresher kiss. 😉

Chlorophyll water

You can purchase chlorophyll and add drops to your water while you work out, go on a hike, bike, or do any other activity. Or, if you simply want to drink it at your desk or on-the-go, you can do that too! Check out the chlorophyll water from Pressed Juicery, or ChlorOxygen (only need a few drops of this in your water). Stay green, my friends!

xx Kristine

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