CBD Oil Uses and Benefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) Is All the Rage, But Does It Work?

My guess is that by now we have all heard about Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and how it can benefit our health. Like anything, we are all entitled to our opinions—some say it works while others say they felt nothing. Today, you will hear my story and how I found many healing effects with the CBD oil and lotions.

Recently, I had a break in my left foot. With the break came swelling and pain. For pain relief, my doctor advised 7-9 Advil a day, as needed. That sounded like a lot to me, and Advil has its own side affects. I wanted to try something else, something on the more natural side—CBD was calling my name. I want to be CLEAR from the start this is the non-drug CBD, there is NO THC in the oil, so you don’t feel high or get a high from it, it is 100% for healing purposes. It is derived from the HEMP plant without THC.

I did my research and was intrigued with this magical oil. Lucky for me, a friend of mine, reached out and recommended his brand Vitalibis. Their company offers both oil and daily wellness capsules. I was thrilled to start my CBD journey with someone I trusted, I knew he had done his homework. I also wanted to give another brand called Lord Jones a try. I heard great things about Lord Jones and trusted their press, which included New York Times, Forbes, GOOP! and many others. I also liked the idea of lotion for my foot, and Lord Jones offers this.

After two weeks of using the oil, lotion and wellness vitamin, I have to say I feel better than ever. My mood is elevated, I have far less pain in my left foot, swelling went down soon after using the oil and lotion. Another bonus side effect: no menstrual cramps! Honestly, I have the WORST cramps for two to three days. There have been months I don’t leave the house for one to two days, and need to take a lot of Advil. This month, NO PAIN! I have also noticed other benefits such as sleeping better and harder, even with a broken foot!

I am so thrilled to share this information with you. The new CBD world can be extremely overwhelming, and my hope is that I can recommend a brand or two that you can trust and find that works. CBD can also be used for anxiety, stress, sleep, and other aches and pains you might have.

As you know, I am not a doctor or even close to it. But mom to mom, and friend to friend, my hope is that I can make a recommendation that works for you or someone you love.

Our health is our wealth friends. Our body is our temple, our greatest gift, so let’s treat it well every single day.

I hope this helps and please share your thoughts and feedback.

With love and gratitude,

xx Kristine