This summer I started my blog and thought, “through the summer I will continue to blog”. In fact, with the kids out of school, I thought it will be easy—I can spend my days researching, I will feel creative, and I will have time because the boys won’t have homework. I thought ideas will just flow like the waves on the sand! Hahaha! But then reality hit and it hit hard. Kids were running like crazy around the house, laundry was piling up, routine and structure were forgotten, and so was my blog. However, that is life, right? Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, and the picture that we painted in our minds turns out to be very different in the real world.

And then September happened, which meant back to school, three birthdays, my little brothers wedding, and some major home repairs that pushed me back even MORE! But now routine and structure are knocking on my door, ideas are coming back to me, and creativity is finding its place. I couldn’t be more excited to unlock these ideas, bring you more wellness tips, fun finds and so much more that will hopefully make your life a little easier, and your family’s life a little greener. That is my hope as we go into the next season together. I want to continue to share and inspire one another. We are just getting started…

So hey, I’m back and keeping it real! I’m excited and ready to get things rolling (once again)!
xx Kristine

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