• Cleaning Out Toxins from Your Home Just Got Easier

    clean up toxins

    Michelle, owner of EmpowHer LA, and I have known each other for over 13 years—it was at that point our energy connected. We have shared so many of life’s joys and challenges together from motherhood to career transitions, big and small. She makes me laugh, focus, challenge myself, think big and believe in myself. Funny, I think she sees the same qualities in me, and this is one of the many reasons Michelle chose me to be her coach for her #50Days2Fifty Challenge.

  • Best Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

    First Pumpkin Smoothie – It Must Be Fall!

    Happy fall! It’s the season of color, family, friends, sweaters and always, love. Just a quick note to welcome this new season with all of you. October is always a month of reflection for me. How do I want the next…

  • Pouches with Purchase Beautycounter

    Pouches with a Purpose

    Hi friends, welcome to October! How are we here already? This does happen to be my favorite time of the year. This season is extra special this year as we are doing something very amazing here at Beautycounter. Our organization…

  • CBD Oil Uses and Benefits

    Cannabidiol (CBD) Is All the Rage, But Does It Work?

    My guess is that by now we have all heard about Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and how it can benefit our health. Like anything, we are all entitled to our opinions—some say it works while others say they felt nothing. Today,…

  • Best clogs for women

    Clogs: Why We All Need a Pair

    It may sound silly, but I can’t get enough of my clogs! The click, click sound, comfort factor, and there is something about them that make me feel extra special. I love that they come in many colors, shapes, brands…

  • guilt-free cocktails

    Guilt-Free Cocktails for Any Occasion

    Summer time is always the perfect season to mix up some “guilt-free” cocktails for you and your significant other on date night, or for a fun girls night in. I have five favorites recipes that I would love to share…

  • back to school tips

    Back to School Tips and Tricks

    I honestly can not believe we are talking about back to school! I know we all say this, but wow, the summer flew by! Mom camp, family travel, weekend getaways, lazy days, crazy days, pool days and all the summer…

  • kid-free

    What 6 Days of Being Kid-Free Taught Me

    Being kid-free for six days was AMAZING. There, I said it, I loved every second of being alone in my house. This is honestly one of the greatest luxuries I have had in a very long time. I am beyond…

  • best face masks

    Time to Talk Masks

    It is no secret, I love a clean beauty mask. It is an at-home facial, and my skin loves me for it. Masks change as the seasons change. In the summer months, it is safe to say we are all…

  • best hair care products

    Hair Care Favorites

    It is no secret, I love a great Blow Out, and making it last is the secret ingredient. It all starts with how you wash it and the shampoo you use. Yes, I am the one that brings my shampoo…